100% Cloud

Without additional downloads, settings, server costs and hosting.

  • Your links to TDS and affiliate programs are completely safe from ban.
  • Powerfull bot detect and bot defense. 100% Cloaking. Safe Pages for Bots and Search Engines
  • Traffic is sent to the affiliate program directly from your site.
  • For work with the TDS is responsible for a small PHP file, the code of which is not visible to users and bots.
  • The system can work with your sites on any hosting that supports PHP 5.4 or higher.

Advanced TDS

Distribute traffic, test and easily optimize advertising.

  • Track, Test and Optimize Campaigns across Multiple Traffic Sources.
  • Over 70+ Mobile Data Points to Track and Optimize Campaign Performance by Device
  • Setup can be as simple or complex as you wish. You don’t need to be a Programmer to take full advantage of Stream-TDS.
  • Quickly Identify Top Performing Locations.
  • Complete Performance Overview.
  • View all your Campaigns, Clone Existing Campaigns Streams with 1 Click
  • Export Campaign Logs as CSV, PDF, HTML Files for Offline Editing and analyze.
  • See All Visitors in Real-Time.
  • The system determines the popular search engines and a huge number of bots.


Powerful CDN around the world, high-speed DNS connection and geo-balancer.

  • Very powerful servers for processing the unlimited number of your traffic - this is our concern.
  • The average processing time of the request is 50 milliseconds
  • Apply system settings on the fly. Real-time statistics regardless of region.
  • Definition of bots and search engines on the fly.
  • Your traffic can be from any country in the world, it will still reach the goal.


There are a lot of advanced settings for managing your traffic based on many criteria and conditions.

  • Allows you to send visitors to each URL only once per given time. You can choose how to track visitors - by IP or by Cookie.
  • Unique detect by IP or Cookie.
  • Detect 2G/3G traffic.
  • Split your mobile traffic to 3G traffic and WiFi traffic.
  • You may choose exact cellular carriers you care for and ignore other.
  • Filter by request query GET parameters - check if a parameter equals to, not equals, matches regexp, less or greater than given value.
  • Detect and filter by Device type (PC, Mobile, Tablet, Bot...), by OS, by Browser, by OS/Browser manufacturer and engine.
  • Filter by countries, configurable country groups and cities. Choose which IP to use to extract the country - proxy (if proxy presents) or the real IP.
  • Detect proxies and extract real IP when it is possible. Gracefully process corporate proxies when the real user IP falls in reserved ranges.
  • Filter by locale of client browser (configured languages). Choose which languages to check - all or just primary.
  • Detect empty referer, which usually means typein or bookmark hit, or a bot.
  • Detect if client accept cookies, to filter out simple bots and scrapers. Set cookies.
  • Separation of traffic flows by keywords in the query.
  • Operate with IPv4 and IPv6. Ranges and CIDR allowed. Check if client IP falls in a list of IP ranges.
  • Check if HTTP request header with given name matches or not matches given regular expression.
  • Rotate pages - randomly or semi-randomly (repeated visitors are sent each time to a new page).
  • Monitor a given page somewhere on the web and disable redirection to some of your URLs when the page is not available or when it contains/not contains a given text.

100% safety

Completely safe work. No links or code that can be banned by bots and search engines.

No limits

Unlimited number of campaigns and system settings on any tariff plan.